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We are a reputable manufacturer providing full support.

We have an in-house production line, transport fleet, and warehouse base.

We support the customer at every step of the order fulfilment and provide full after-sales support.

We produce only natural products which are available in 28 countries on three continents.

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What makes us stand out


We provide you with full support in the process of implementing your brand


We advise on product marketing

Brand development

We advise on how to develop the private label offer


We offer convenient terms of financing orders

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Quality and safety

  • The quality of pet food is the overriding goal of our operation.

  • We control the quality of the product at every stage: from receipting the raw material to shipping.

  • We work closely with the County Veterinary Inspectorate.

  • We have an in-house laboratory for quality tests.

  • We have the "Diamond of Zoology" certificate for premium sausages.

  • We have an ISO production certificate and are subject to periodic external audits.

Our Customers

  • Our clients include the largest retail chains and smaller companies: e-shops, pet wholesalers and kennels.

  • Our products are loved by animals in 28 countries around the world:

    Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Canary Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, USA

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Million sausages per month
Years of experience in the pet food market
Countries on three continents
Private labels in the portfolio

We provide full service

Thanks to our trucks, we ensure timely transport of products to customers and fast and frequent deliveries of fresh raw material for production under fully controlled conditions.

Thanks to constant control at every stage of order fulfilment, we ensure the highest quality of our products - from raw material receipt, through all stages of production, to shipment of products. We work closely with external veterinary supervision.

We support our clients in the process of creating their brands and marketing sets: packshots, advertising brochures, posters for shops and other POS materials.

Together with veterinarians and breeders, we constantly work on creating and testing new recipes. This way, we achieve the unique taste and look of our sausages and create products for the needs of our customers.

We are constantly in touch with our clients, helping them in logistics, marketing, customs, sanitary formalities and other issues.

We have two in-house warehouses for 2.000 pallet places. This way, we can ensure smooth supply and the fulfilment of even the biggest orders, e.g. for promotional campaigns for chain stores.

Let's start cooperation

If you are interested in cooperation, call or write to us. We will answer all your questions and advise on the next steps.


We are a leader in the production of sausages for dogs in Poland.


We constantly increase production – an average of 30% from year to year.


We supply the largest retail chains in Poland with our pet food.


We export our products to key European and world markets.

Innovative technological process

Innowacyjny proces technologiczny

The technology of pet food manufacturing is our key to success. We based it on two pillars: original product recipes and investments in a very modern manufacturing line.

We only use natural ingredients of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on the fact that the main component of all our products is good quality meat and other materials of animal origin. Direct cooperation with meat plants allows us to obtain the highest quality raw materials at competitive prices.

The additives we use - vegetables or grains - are natural and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Our original food sterilization process allows you to eliminate artificial additives, such as preservatives, stabilizers, chemical flavourings, and colourants. Thanks to it, our sausages can be stored in room conditions for up to one year without losing taste and quality!

We give a full guarantee that all pet food we manufacture meets the highest standards, which confirms constant veterinary supervision.

Long term experience and constant search for new solutions allow us to offer a high-quality product. It stands out by taste and richness of nutritional values and fully meets the dietetic needs of pets. And what's important is we can still offer a competitive price.

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In-house warehouses for 2.000 pallets
Autoclaves for sterilization
Large refrigerated trucks
Qualified employees


  • Thanks to full automation, we have a highly effective packaging process.

  • Thanks to a qualified team and two in-house warehouses with 2.000 pallet space, we guarantee smooth and timely deliveries.

  • Thanks to our in-house transport fleet, we deliver products to customers throughout Poland.

  • We deliver products of the appropriate quality, regardless of weather conditions. It's possible thanks to our specialized refrigerated trucks.

  • We work for the largest retail chains, food and pet wholesalers, stores, kennels.

  • We ship products by land and sea to European countries, Israel, Egypt, Canada and the USA.

  • We support smaller foreign clients in arranging transport: land, sea and air.

Order flexibility

  • We fulfil orders from a single pallet to hundreds of pallets per month. Every customer is important to us.

  • We offer products in three categories: economy, premium and super-premium.

  • We create new flavour variants from the basic "with chicken" and "with beef" versions.

Elastyczność zamówień

We constantly develop export


Our products are available in most European Union countries


Thanks to long-term contracts, our products are available in the USA and Canada


We expand our reach to overseas countries, including Israel, Egypt and the Canary Islands


We are a leading Polish exporter of pet food to the Balkan countries

Our history

Ares historia

ARES is a family business. It was founded by brothers Michał and Maciej Maciołek on June 1, 1999. From the very beginning, they used the knowledge and experience of experts, including the Chief Veterinary Officer, prof. dr hab. Henryk Maciołek. They created a company that became one of the leading manufacturers in the animal nutrition industry in Poland.

Today, the company is present in the Polish market, in many European countries, and beyond: in the Canary Islands, Israel, Egypt, Canada, and the USA. We deliver an average of 2 million sausages to our customers per month.

We provide services to large retail chains, supermarkets, food and pet wholesalers, shops, and kennels. Our portfolio includes our own brands, which are recognizable in all market categories, and products under the clients’ brands. We belong to PLMA – a global association of private-label manufacturers.

Nasza misja

Our mission

We manufacture natural, healthy and tasty pet food.

In ARES products, we use the latest knowledge about animal nutrition. In conjunction with a specialized, original technological process, we ensure that the nutritional ingredients are optimally balanced and that the animals receive a healthy meal of the highest quality.

Nasza wizja

Our vision

Thanks to the continuous improvement of the technological process, the implementation of sustainable solutions, as well as educating and motivating our team to look for new ways to meet the needs of our customers, within a few years we will become one of the leading manufacturers of natural wet dog food in Europe.

Our values

Nasze wartości


Long-term business cooperation is our priority. We build it based on everyday relationships based on trust and credibility. We make efforts to ensure that the client feels safe in the relationship with us and can rely on us as a proven partner.


We remain at the disposal of our clients. We support them with our experience, know-how, ideas and resources. We advise how to use their potential and solve problems that may arise on their way.

Brand development

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to improve our products. We also work on new ways that will help customers fulfil orders and grow their business. Before we implement new solutions, we always test their safety and usefulness first.

Health and safety

Pet food manufacturing is a very responsible job. The health and safety of our four-legged friends depend on it. That is why we put great importance to control our products at every stage of the technological process.


We are fully aware that business is a very variable area of life. Therefore, although we follow a set of rules that define the directions of our activity, we are open to new challenges, non-standard orders and innovative ideas.



  • We utilise a photovoltaic installation with a capacity of 49 kWp installed on the roofs of our buildings.

  • We gradually replace our fleet of trucks with lower emission ones.

  • We use heat recovery installations.

  • We optimize the packaging consumption and fully segregate waste.

  • We use economical autoclaves equipped with a closed water circulation system.

  • We produce the only biodegradable and edible pet bowls on the market.

Let's start cooperation

If you are interested in cooperation, call or write to us. We will answer all your questions and advise on the next steps.